Week night Stir-fry


week night stir-fry

Look, I’m not a chef. I’m not even a gourmet cook. But what I am is a busy mom trying to feed my family healthy food fast. 

Some nights I barely have time to breathe, let alone make a 3 course meal.

Chop vegetables? Handle raw meat? Uhhhh…..

So I started searching for shortcuts. Ways to get food on the table faster without sacrificing things like vegetables and lean protein. 

Enter Week Night Stir-Fry. Fancy name, I know. But hey, I only have 10 minutes to cook. I certainly don’t have time to come up with a catchy name.

So here goes…

This meal requires a bit of prep ahead of time. I always prepare some sort of lean protein on Sunday so that comes in handy here. 

I also utilize bagged stir-fry vegetables…washed and chopped?? YES!!

Microwave rice…yes microwave rice is my saving grace in this recipe. I always make sure to have a few bags of microwave brown rice on hand.

Week Night Stir-Fry

Time: 10 minutes (tops)

Servings: 4


1 bag microwave rice

1 Tablespoon sesame oil

1 lb cooked chicken breast- chopped into bite-size pieces (you could totally use other lean protein here)

1 bag prechopped stir-fry vegetables

2 Tablespoons soy sauce

1 T hoisin sauce


1. Get your rice going in the microwave.

2. While that cooks, preheat your pan over high heat. The goal is to cook quickly. A super hot pan is essential.

3. Add 1 T sesame oil to hot pan. Add chicken. Saute until chicken is heated and slightly seared. Remove from pan.

4. Add veggies to pan and cook for 4-6 minutes or until cooked to your liking. 

5. Add chicken and rice to the vegetables.

6. Add 2 T soy sauce and 1 T hoisin sauce and stir until combined. Cook for 2 more minutes to allow the sauce to absorb.


Now bask in the glory of a hot meal on the table in under 10 minutes! 

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