Nutrition Coaching

January 1 is coming yet again. Are you ready to make this year different? Are you ready to be done with constant dieting? With a revolving list of foods you “can’t eat?” 

Are you ready to build a relationship with food that will last? One that doesn’t involve guilt or shame?

My approach to nutrition is a bit different. I believe food should feel effortless. That it should be enjoyed and not feared. The anxiety about what and how to eat should be a thing of the past. Our lives are stressful enough, it’s time we find ease around food.

Together, we will work together to build solid habits that will last you a lifetime. Habits that allow you to live a healthy life and allow you to do the things you want to do.



Personalized coaching


3 month minimum commitment

bi-weekly video calls 

weekly email check-ins

24-hour response time to any questions that may arrise

private Facebook group for support and weekly coaching videos

online curriculum to supplement one-on-one coaching


How much weight will I lose?

If your goal is to lose weight, we will work together to establish habits to lead you in that direction. Remember though that scale weight is only one measure of success. We will track things like energy levels, the way your clothes fit and measurements. 

How long do I have to commit?

I require a minimum 3 month commitment. This program is about establishing habits and that isn’t done in days or weeks. That takes time and reinforcing. 

Do I have to give up certain foods?

No. Unless you are sensitive to certain foods, there is no need to remove foods from your diet. 

What if I’m an emotional eater?

Emotional eating is rarely about food. Food is often used as a coping mechanism. Together, we will work together to establish healthy coping mechanisms to replace emotional eating. 

What other things are involved?

Because I believe nutrition is rooted in habits, that means it isn’t just about the food. Topics of discussion often involve stress reduction, goal setting, self-esteem and relationships. So many aspects of our lives affect the food choices we make. Having open dialogue allows me to help guide you to a sense of ease around food. 

When do we start?

Sign ups open March 15 for April 1 start. 


How to sign up

Sign-up requires a 15 minute video call to discuss goals and expectations from both of us. It’s important to determine that this is a good fit before we get started. If you are interested in chatting more, please fill out the form below and I will get in touch to schedule a call.

Sign ups open March 15 for April 1 start.