Client Stories


Client stories

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We do nobody any favors keeping it (pelvic floor disfunction) a secret. I felt alone and scared and depressed and ashamed of my body. I was angry. My body had failed me. I felt hopeless. You and the other women who openly shared with me gave me hope. That hope drove me to get help. And that help has improved my life in ways I didn’t know possible. You are making change in the world. One person at a time.



I have been working with Holly for month now. I just have to say that I have loved every minute of the process so far and am beyond excited to see where she takes me in the future. During my time working with Holly, I have learned that she is very easy to communicate with. She encourages you to ask questions and is always apt to respond in a very timely manner. She listens, in depth, to what your wants and goals are, and does a fantastic job at programming your workouts to really help you attain those goals. 100% she wants you to succeed and crush your goals. Even though Holly lives over two hours away from me, I know she is always there for me with words of encouragement. I would highly recommend working with Holly. Trust the process. She knows what she’s doing!”