Emergency Snack Options

We’ve all been there. You get caught away from home and you’re starving. You aren’t prepared. You know fast food isn’t the best option (though you can find decent options. We’ll get to that in a later post). So I went to the gas station. Yes, the gas station to see what options I could come up with. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. The gas station I visited isn’t one of those one-stop-shops that has everything under the sun. This was a basic gas station with a small convenience store. Here’s what I found.

I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh fruit.  Apples, oranges and bananas. Basic but in a pinch, would be one of the best choices.

I also found quality jerky. Much better than the traditional gas station jerky options filled with preservatives and excessive sodium.

Low-fat string cheese was also available. This one really surprised me. Pair this with a piece of fruit and you have a great snack!

Next, I went to the giant rack of protein bars. This is where people typically go. There were a few decent choices and a lot of things I would recommend avoiding. Quest bars, Kind bars and freeze dried apples (this surprised me!). All of these options are going to be dependent on your goals. Quest bars can be hard on the stomach but are probably the best choice from the display. Kind bars are simple and “clean” but are high in fat and sugar with minimal protein. This will typically result in feeling hungry pretty quick. Freeze dried apples are “clean” but aren’t going to be very filling. So while they are all options that would work in a pinch, they aren’t things I would grab on a regular basis.

There were a few things that I would avoid. Packages of nuts and seeds are plentiful in convenience stores and may seem like a reasonable option. But again, it depends on your goals. The individual packages of nuts contained nearly 300 calories for a single serving. Sunflower seeds contained two servings per bag and nearly 200 calories per serving. If you eat the whole bag, you’re eating nearly a meals worth of calories. These were also sky high in sodium (no surprise but worth mentioning). 

I am pleasantly surprised at the options I was able to find. You could easily piece together a reasonable snack or small meal. 

Do you have strategies that you use for on the go snacks? Share below!