Gratitude has been a big buzz word in recent years. There are books and articles and movies and all sorts of things on the subject. But my observation is that we tend to show gratitude for things.  I’m grateful for food on my table, a roof over my head. Those are good things to be grateful for but what about people.

How often do we show our gratitude to the people that influenced us? I’m here to issue a challenge…

Before midnight tomorrow night I want you to tell three people why you are grateful for them. How have the people around you impacted your life? I really want you to dig a little deeper here. Not just, “thanks for being a great friend.” Take a few minutes to examine where you are mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Who aided your journey?

Now go tell them. Send them a note. Tell them face to face. Just do it.

Let’s start 2017 with a heart full of gratitude.